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Deals you never imagine
Deals you never imagine

Bussman BP/FRN-R-20ID EasyID 20 amp Time Delay Cart Fuse

by Eaton
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Key Features
2:1 selective co ordination amp ratio (within the Cooper Businessman RK5 fuse family) prevents over current events from opening upstream fuse tron fuses
Insulated end caps for 225 - 600 A fuses reduces exposure to live parts and extends air gap to distance between blades of adjacent mounted fuses or to housing
Separate overload and short circuit elements provide time delay for sizing as close as 125% of motor FLA
Dual Element Time Delay Cartridge Fuses with Blown Fuse Indicator 20 Amp 2 Pack Class RK5. Fuse tron Dual Element Time-Delay Current Limiting Class RK5 Fuse 250 Volt Maximum. Drop-In Replacement Upgrade For One-Time And Renewable Fuses To Aid In Locating The Open Fuse When The Power Goes Out. Time-Delay - 10 Seconds (Minimum) At 500 Percent Rated Current. Indicator On The Side Turns Black When The Fuse Opens. Fits Existing RK1, RK5, K5 H 30 And 60 Amp Fuse Blocks And Holders. UL Listed.