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Deals you never imagine
Deals you never imagine

Coding Board Game: Robot Repair 0717

by code
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Coding Board Game: Robot Repair

Learn advanced programming concepts through fun gameplay.
40 increasingly difficult challenges.
Invented by a former NASA Virtual Reality Programmer.
Robot Repair is a hands-on coding game that teaches advanced concepts like “Boolean Logic”— a form of algebra that reduces all values to ‘true’ or ‘false.’ We believe that teaching this concept through play is a revolutionary development in helping to prepare children for STEM learning, and it makes for some really fun gameplay! In this programming logic game you’ll use problem solving to reactivate a set of robots so they can get back to doing important things for the planet. Their Power Cells were removed and you’ll need to use a Clue Panel, and your new Boolean Logic skills, to deduce exactly how to replace them.

CODE is a series of games designed to help kids build the mental skills needed to understand advanced programming concepts. We think coding is like a superpower. And it’s never too early for superpowers. That’s why we’ve found a way to wrap college-level coding concepts into a unique, unplugged play experience.
Material: Cardboard
Type of Game: Strategy and war games
Playing Time: 1-2 Hours
Includes: Game board, game pieces, instructions
Level of Difficulty: Advanced
Suggested Age: 8 Years and Up
Number of Players: 1 or More Players