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Black Friday Deals are available In store Only..
Black Friday Deals are available In store Only..

Kuroba Inapinch Training Pack

Collectible Creatures with a Twist. Kuroba is a new way to play rock, paper, scissors! Select your play strategy and battle with your friends or train with your own practice cube! You mess with this lobster, you get the claws! A Water Kuro, these creatures have some of the mightiest snapping claws the Kuroba World has ever seen. Inapinch can also unleash a torrent of starfish at their opponents from a distance to slice to pieces anything that gets in their way! In battle it's snapping claws expand and can cut any opponent in two. Also can shoot an endless amount of stars from it's body - when it does this the stars glow and then spin creating a beautiful effect. Does not grow in battle. UPC 043377623564